Natural Fertilizers

green em


It contains Lactobacillus casei, Rhodopseudomonas palustris and Saccharomyces cerevisea.


Act as  a growth promoter for agricultural crops and help in the buildup of beneficial microbes.

Helps toward off flies in animal shed.

Quickness composting process.

clears contaminated water bodies .

Trade Name: Green EM

10 ml / litre of water.

Green Compos

A variety of cellulolytic and lignolytic fungi, bacteria and actinomycetes are combined in this formulation. It helps in quick decomposition of leaves, small twigs and other litter material such as coffee berry husk, sugarcane trash, coir pith etc without any loss of nutrients especially nitrogen. It also helps in narrowing down the C: N ratio.

Trade Name: Green Compos

Dose: 2 litres of Green Compos/5tonnes of leafy material

In situ decomposition of sugarcane trash and coir pith is also possible. Application MethodThe material to be decomposed should be spread in a bed to the height of six inches under shade. This should be moistened with water and cow dung slurry and then green compos mixed with enough quantity of water may be sprayed or sprinkled over the leafy materials. Again another layer is laid over this to a height of six inches and the same procedure is repeated up to 3-4 feet height. This may be covered with mud or cow dung slurry. The bed should be moistened at least once in 2 days. In 45-60 days the decomposition process will be completed and the compost is ready for field application.

green organicmiracle

Green Organic Miracle

It is a bulky organic manure based on sugarcane press mud and coir pith compost. In addition it contains humic acid, fulvic acid, sea weed extract, essential amino acids, neem cake and crop based requirement of micronutrients. It is enriched with Azospirillum, phosphorous solubilising bacteria/fungi, and potash mobilizer and Trichoderma /Pseudomonas.

Trade Name : Green organic miracle (crops specified)

Dose : Soil application: 250 – 500 kgs/acre

For Coconut: 5 kg per tree twice in a year

For Banana: 1-2 kg per plant

For Mango: 5-10 kg per tree

Green Vermigold

Vermicompost prepared using traditional method is enriched with Azospirillum, Phosphobacterium, Potash mobilizing bacterium and Zinc mobilizing bacterium. For soil borne disease and nematode management it is inoculated with Pseudomonas and Paecilomyces.  The final product is blended with humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acids and sea weed extract. It contains all macro and micronutrients, auxins, hormones and enzymes which play a vital role in plant growth. useful in home and kitchen garden.

Trade Name : Green Vermigold

Dose : 250 – 500 kgs/acre as soil application



Green septic clean contain billions of microscopic bacterial organics and enzymes that will convert the waste that is flushed in the septic system into clean water. Enzymes degrade particles into small pieces so the bacteria can absorb it and digest it further leaving a clean septic tank system.

Trade Name: Green Septic Clean

Dosage: use 100 ml of green septic clean per month per an average household of 4-6 people simply flush the green septic clean down the toilet bowl.



Panchakavya contains  large number of beneficial micro organisms and it is useful in the supply of essential growth promoting substances  to all cops ultimately resulting in increased yield .it is also helpful in the management of pant disease. It can be used as soil drench as well as foliar spray.

Trade Name: Green Panchakavya


Soil drenching:  6 -10 litres/ acre.

Foliar spray: 20-30 ml /litre.